Shirazi Thyme

Shirazi Thyme

  1. Plant Specifications:

Scientific name: Zataria multiflora


Introduction and botany:


Shirazi Thyme is a perennial and fragrant plant from the mint family that grows in southern Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. This plant has small circular leaves in light green color. In the Shirazi Thyme plant, with the age of the plant, the number of stem branches increases, and the plant looks very dense and full-bodied. This plant needs warm air and enough light during its is a drought-resistant plant and can easily tolerate dehydration and drought. Thyme's vegetative body has a pleasant odor which is due to the presence of essential oils. The aerial parts of this plant contain essential oils other than woody stems. The amount of essential oil varies depending on climatic conditions. Thyme essential oil like other essential oils is used as a natural preservative for food  and it can inhibit the growth of many pathogenic bacteria.


Consumable parts: aerial parts and leaves

  1. Properties and active ingredients:

In ancient medicine, thyme has been used as a pain reliever, anti-flatulence and in colds remedy.

The most important active ingredients

Carvacrol، Gama terpinene،Para-Cymene ،Thymul ، Alpha-pinene

  1. Advantages of cultivation in Halikook farms

Proper planting pattern, use of drip irrigation method and minimal use of chemical pesticides

  1. Application in industry: It is used in food and pharmaceutical industries.