Iranian Borage




  1. Plant Specifications

Scientific name: Echium amoenum


Iranian Borage is one of the famous medicinal plants, which has been used extensively in traditional medicine since ancient times. Iranian Borage can be seen as a wildling plant in the highlands of northern Iran and it also can be cultivated. Cold Mountain and semi-humid climates which have alternating loads during spring and summer, are useful for this plant growing. Echium is a perennial plant with a height of 40 to 80 cm with broad leaves covered with white indumentums; the flowers are amethyst located at the end of the flowering stem. The flowers open from the end of the flowering stem, respectively, and after two to three days, they dry and fall off and the next flowers open.

Consumable parts: Petals

.Chemical properties and compounds:

Traditionally, borage has a refreshing, relaxing and general tonic effect on the body. The flowering branch of the plant contains small amounts of essential oils and various minerals such as manganese, magnesium and phosphoric acid.

The most important chemical compounds: mucilage, flavonoids, anthocyanins, cyanidins

Advantages of cultivation in Halikook farms

Proper planting pattern, use of drip irrigation method and minimal use of chemical pesticides

.Application in industry

Borage is traditionally used in Iran, but in some countries, other products such as borage oil are produced.